Instagram on Computer

If you own a Smartphone, most chances are you are using Instagram, and if not you should! Instagram is a brilliant pictures sharing application and a great camera optimizer. This app allows you to take stunning photos using a variety of cool special effects and add interesting shades and colors to any picture. You can share your favorite photos online with you friends or family, and even follow other Instagram users who post great photos. We offer you viable alternatives to use Instagram on your PC!

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If you have instantly fallen in love with Instagram and have been so addicted to it, why not enjoy it more by opting to try accessing Instagram on Computer? Yes, you read that right. This is actually very possible and here’s how.


Without having to sign in to your Instagram account using a mobile device or a tablet, you can easily access your friend’s accounts on Instagram by simply using Instagrille. What’s great about this computer tool is that it allows you to not only browse through different pictures on different accounts, it also makes it possible for you to download them to your computer folders for use later on. Just make sure to site the picture’s owner to avoid theft.


Another great option that you have for accessing your Instagram account as well as that of your friends is through the use of Webstagram. As one of the first desktop tools ever created for this purpose, first-time users might not necessarily find this app enticing to use. It’s a little bit too simple especially when compared to Instagrille but at the end of the day, it serves as a great Instagram for computer option that you can use. What you can do here is browse photos, comment and like pages and even add or delete friends.


Gramfeed is one of the most advanced and most comprehensive you have when accessing Instagram types of pictures. This is because this site has a direct link or feature that makes it possible to sync it with Google Maps so you can easily type a location and then all the pictures taken in that area will appear on your screen. When you find photos that you might want to download, you will be able to do it by clicking on a download button and you’re all set.


On the other hand, another Instagram on computer tool that you can use is Ink361. This one offers a more personalized and customizable approach for your Instagram account. You can create different folders to organize your photos based on the #hashtags used. You can also view all your feeds and updates through a moving horizontal views that boasts of convenience and appeal.

Truth is, there are still a lot of other computer tools you can use out there that can help you access Instagram while you’re in front of the computer. But these four options should be more than enough for now because they have different features that you will easily love and get accustomed to. Not to mention, they are all available for you without a cost.

So if you are thinking about trying out any of these four computer tools for Instagram, wait no longer and make it a point to do it now. This way, you will have a connection to your account and you can update it anytime you wish even when your tablet or mobile device is nowhere in sight.